Apple iPhone 8 likely to cost more than $1000

Apple’s ultimate iPhone with new features and fresh design themes, which we know by the name of iPhone 8, will come with a price tag of $1000 or more, reveals Fast Company citing industry sources.

The iPhone 8—or iPhone X, which the company might like to brand it as-will be equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED display which will probably cost Apple roughly twice as much as the LCD display used in current iPhones. The display will be edge-to-edge sans physical Home button which will get relocated underneath the display surface. The sides of the iPhone 8 will likely be made of forged stainless steel and back made of glass rather than metal.

Fast Company also reports that the ‘physical buttons on the sides of the iPhone may go away’ and will be ‘replaced by touch-sensitive inlays in the metal’.

A bigger battery is also expected and on the SoC side, Apple has tied up with Intel to provide new 7480 LTE modem. Qualcomm is also expected to supply the modems for some of the phones.

With the above mentioned design and tech, the $1000 cost of Apple iPhone 8 stands justified. Isn’t it? Tell us what do you think.


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